About Us

Why live organic?

Motivated by her own family’s needs and long-term health, Sara decided she would do some research into the health and safety of the numerous body and home products her family was using every day. What she found were numerous ingredients with complex names that were not at all familiar despite her 15+ years of science and research training. Upon digging deeper, Sara realised that there were way too many synthetic, potentially health and environment-harming ingredients being used in body and home products. As a result, she decided to make it her mission to replace all of these products within her home with natural alternatives. She also went that step further by focusing her efforts on sourcing natural alternatives made in Australia with organic ingredients. What Sara found was nothing short of amazing! Upon doing away with all their chemical-laden products, Sara and her family began to experience health benefits almost immediately and what was even more refreshing was the quality of the Australian made natural alternatives.

We all deserve better?

“There is no looking back! The many stones I overturned were without a doubt life changing! As a family we saw the benefits of doing away with commercial products containing so many nasties and we just fell in love what we were using and wanted to share them with our family, friends and beyond! There are so many fabulous Australian manufacturers that are trying to do the right thing by us but do not get the credit and recognition they deserve! At Organic Body and Home, we pride ourselves in supporting and promoting Australian made products that contain nothing short of high quality, natural and organic ingredients. We have an extensive range of body and home products that suit differing budgets. We want nothing more than to make using these wonderful, natural products affordable for every Australian.”

Sara has a Bachelor Degree and PhD in Food Science and Nutrition. Today she continues to teach and conduct research within a science department at an Australian University.