Julisa J-RO 24K Gold Rose Quartz Face Roller

J-RO by Julisa, an artisan crafted rose quartz face roller designed for your mindful beauty ritual.

Why use a facial roller?

Helps lymphatic drainage to move stagnant energy, detox skin, lift and contour facial features.

Gentle pressure on your face promotes circulation which helps plump and firm skin for glowing complexion.

Use as part of your meditation routine and let the beautiful spiritual healing energy of natural rose quartz soothe your mind and soul.

Why is J-RO by Julisa more superior than any other face rollers you’ve seen?

Spherical full-moon-esque rose quartz roller head designed for smooth and silky rolling sensation. The shape that resembles the trough of a wave is also aligned with Ying Yang principles, tapping into the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine practice.

24 carat gold-plated metal core in matte rose gold finish oozes luxurious vibes with no discolouring from prolonged use.

Made from exquisite hand-picked A-grade Madagascar rose quartz crystal with minimal impurities. Natural rose quartz with no fillers or artificial colours, making it 100% safe and natural to use on your skin.
Metal core in sleek U-shaped design is constructed out of the most durable alloy to sturdily mount the crystal roller head into place.

Triple-polished roller head feels deeply soothing and cooling on your skin.

Can be used for face and body. The shape and size of our roller head (25mm diameter) is designed to fit comfortably around contours of your face, including under-eyes, jawlines and between your brows.

Hand-engraved logo on the handle marks this roller with the distinctive luxurious touch of J-RO by Julisa.

Registered Design in Australia pending.

Lightweight and snug grip for ease of use. Plastic free.

Unique and improved design based on user feedback and numerous roll-tests.

Designed by Julisa in Australia.